Texas Holdem Bonus: No Poker Face? No Problem – Just Beat the Casino Dealer to Win This Table Game | Casino bonus

There are poker rooms galore in most major casinos worldwide. Perhaps you’ve seen the action during your visit(s),but had reservations about playing the game of choice for most poker players, Texas Holdem, for fear of intimidation from seasoned players. If so, you should try the table game called Texas Holdem Bonus. If you can’t hold a poker face, no problem. The objective is to beat the casino dealer, just as you would in Blackjack and most other table games.How Texas Holdem Bonus is Played

One single 52 card is used. All players must first make an Ante wager. An optional Bonus bet if chosen must also be made at this time.

All players and the dealer receive two face down hole cards. Players must decide to either Fold or make an additional bet to see the Flop, which is a bet to see the next three community cards, which can be used by all players to complete their best five card poker hand. The flop bet must be twice the ante amount.

After the flop, players may either check(make no bet bu remain in the hand), of make a Turn bet, which is a bet to see the fourth community card. The turn bet must be equal to the ante. The players may check again or make a bet equal to the ante to see the fifth and final River card.

Players and dealer then play heads up to make their best five-card hand using the hole cards and the community cards.The best poker hand wins.If the house dealer wins, the player loses all wagers except the bonus bet if made. If the player wins, he flop, turn, and river bets pay even money. For the player to get paid on the ante bet s/he must have at least a flush or higher. (Some casinos pay for a straight or higher.) Otherwise the bet pushes.If bet, the bonus payout is based on the players two hole cards and will be paid even if s/he loses the original hand.Bonus Bet Pay TableBonus pay tables do vary between jurisdictions. Here is a common one:Player Cards Payout

Player/Dealer A, A- 1,000/1 (Not offered everywhere)

A, A- 30/1

A, K, suited 25/1

A, Q, or A, J, suited-. 20/1

A, K, unsuited- 15/1

KK, QQ, JJ- 10/1

A,Q, or A, J, unsuited- 5/1

2,2 through 10,10- 3/1 (Not offered everywhere)

Recommended StrategyPlayers should fold an unsuited 2/3 through 2/7. Otherwise bet the flop.Be aware that you will need a decent stake to buy in. If you play at a $5 minimum table and you bet all positions, flop, turn, and river, including the bonus, one hand will cost you $30.The house edge is about 2% but jumps to 8% when the optional bonus bet is made.Good Luck!

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